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Taekwondo tots, traditional martial arts & kickboxing,

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Little Dragons

Bite-sized Taekwondo Fun.  Fun, energetic and engaging classes for 4-7 year olds designed to help your little ones to learn the basics of martial arts in an encouraging and nurturing environment whilst also introducing them to the etiquette of a traditional dojang (training hall).

Little Dragons
Taekwon-Do Classes

Junior Taekwon-Do

Our junior classes introduce 7-11 year olds to the traditional martial art of Taekwon-Do.  Through  fun, games, practice and repetition, students hone their skills and their confidence as they progress through the syllabus. Instructor and fully-qualified teacher Laura Fiteni-Gibson uses her knowledge of learning and teaching to make classes accessible and inspiring to all students.

Family Taekwon-Do

Juniors and seniors relish the opportunity to train together in our family Taekwon-Do. An unique opportunity, any student 8+ can train in this class meaning that parents/siblings/best friends even grandparents can support one another on their martial arts journey. 


Senior Taekwon-Do

In our inclusive and encouraging 13+ Taekwon-Do classes, you can expect high-quality tuition in sparring, patterns, breaking, flexibility and physical conditioning. We offer regular opportunities to test for new belts and also provide opportunities to compete.


Fast-paced and dynamic, our kickboxing classes are aimed at students 13+. Not only do our kickboxing classes teach striking and self-defence but we also aim to improve confidence, composure and self-discipline. You’ll be sure to get a full-body workout in this fun and physical class.

Kicboxing Classes

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