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Grading Preparation

Make sure that you learn the theory under the heading of your current kup/belt NOT the belt you are grading for e.g If you are a yellow belt grading to green stripe, please learn the yellow belt theory.

However, make sure to be prepared for 2-3 questions from previous belts as the syllabus is accumulative.

Be ready to demonstrate the techniques learnt for your grade e.g if you have learnt a side kick as a part of your grade syllabus, your grading examiner may ask you demonstrate it to check for correct application, correct tool and correct chamber position.

Junior Foundation 1 Blue Stripe Theory

The information below is everything you need to know for your theory section of your grading.

Can you count to 10 in Korean?

Hanna, Dool, Set, Net, Tasot, Yasot, Ilgop, Yodol, Ahop, Yol

Where does Taekwon-Do come from?


What is kick and punch in Korean?

Kick - Chagi

Punch - Jirugi

Can you tell me what Taekwon-Do translates to?

Tae - Hand

Kwon - Foot

Do - Way/Art

Can you show me what part of the hand we punch with?

(First two knuckles)

Ready to test your knowledge?

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